bringing the world together through wine

virtual wine tastings


our wine experience creates a common thread for your participants. regardless of destination, we deliver artisan, handmade wines that your participants will enjoy and engage with during your memorable events


we are pleased to put together special packages designed to your participants’ tastes. we also offer artisanal, handmade non-alcoholic grape juices sourced from some of our favorite vineyards for those that prefer to not include alcohol in their experience


we take pride in delivering wines of distinction that are even more enjoyable when paired with delicious food, lively conversation & a little context about where they are produced.  we encourage all of your participants to raise a glass & enjoy an elevated experience


we source wines from some of the globe’s finest, artisan, small production winemakers.  our wines are handmade on a human scale, lending texture, complexity & a compelling experience to your wine tasting. outside of the U.S., avt partners with some of the globe’s top retailers, importers and wineries to ensure that your international participants receive the same high quality, artisanal wine experience that your U.S. participants receive, delivered directly to their doors

behind the wine

barry tunnell

barry has worked in food, wine & hospitality for over 20 years.  he has developed award winning wine programs that feature small-production, handmade wines from some of the globe’s top producers.  barry’s approach to wine emphasizes seasonality & corresponds to the menus & cuisines that the wines compliment.  his approach also seeks to make wines more approachable by creating unique formats & contexts for guests to explore & enjoy.  barry has learned that the wine world is full of unique & interesting individuals & that that world is more dynamic, interesting & engaging when we can connect unique individuals over a glass or bottle