how long are the events?

90 minutes maximum of hosting time but you can have the zoom link for as long as the party lasts.

how do i check date availability?

since the venue is in comfort of your own home, we are available to do events virtually any day at any time!

do you offer in person events?

yes. our experiences can be applied to in-person, hybrid, and virtual  events. 

what is your maximum / minimum group size for an event?

our maximum event size is 300 participants. we do not have a minimum group size.

what if i plan to invite a certain number of participants but only a lesser number can attend?

we can always adjust the guest count as long as you meet our minimum event spend of $500.


how does the concierge help me plan?

the concierge will walk you through the experiences & details of your event to determine the best choice for you. once finalized, we will send your guests customized rsvps, questionnaires to complete their meal preferences, & the zoom link for your event.

why do you have a 3-week planning process timeline?

we allow 1 week to gather all the guests’ information, there is a 14-day deadline for rsvps. the second week the chef orders, prepares, packages your food & the shipping department delivers them to you. the third week is the week of your event. 

what if i have less than 3-weeks to plan an event?

with at least 7 days’ notice, we can expedite our services & delivery for an extra fee.


how are the packages boxed, shipped, & delivered?

our shipping & logistics team carefully box your cooked packaged foods in a cooler bag with ice packs to ensure the food is fresh & secure.

when will we receive our food & wine packages?

your order will be delivered in one or two boxes depending on your location with tracking information provided by the carrier(s). packages containing wine will require an adult signature on arrival. wines and cheese & charcuterie may arrive as early as the week preceding your event. custom meals will be delivered within a few days preceding the event.

what are my shipping options?

we have a range of delivery options to ensure everything you need for your event gets to you—and your guests!—on time. you can check out all the pricing and details in our footer under the shipping tab.

can i include international participants?

yes. we will outsource food &/or wine within your guests’ area & have the packages delivered to their home.


is the food already cooked?

yes. our award-winning chef prepares each meal fresh in our from-scratch kitchen. 

do i have to reheat the food?

not all experiences require your food to be reheated; however, dependent on your selections, some require reheating. if your food requires this, you will be sent all of the instructions to ensure a simple & seamless preparation. 

are you able to prepare meals for specific dietary requests?

yes, we can accommodate almost any dietary need. we also offer vegetarian options & vegan choices.

how long will my food last?

your prepared food can last up to a week refrigerated.


what are the service fees, shipping costs & taxes on my proposal?

there is a 10% service fee that goes towards your personal concierge for planning the event. our shipping fees start at $20 per person for food or wine & $35 per person for food & wine. lastly, taxes are included in the proposal.


do you have non-alcoholic beverage options?

yes, we do offer multiple non-alcoholic wine options that are always updating, much like our wine list!

a client really enjoyed a certain wine. can i acquire that wine post event?

yes, depending on availability. you can order through one of our avt concierges.


how do we ensure that all of our participants feel included?

at avt we believe that an engaged event is a successful event, that’s why we recommend a host! attendees are engaged by the host & encouraged to participate throughout the avt experience. agendas & engagement will be tailored based on your objectives. we only charge a small fee just to cover the cost of the host’s time.


do you offer gifts for event participants?

 yes. we have a great list of gifts we can customize with specific branding for your event!

do you sell our information?

absolutely not! we discard any collated personal mailing & contact information after the event has ended.